Published June 24, 2020

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Leading Yourself

Whatever got you here, know this…you have taken an important step to improve your leadership in a season of uncertainty. 

We look forward to supporting your leadership journey.   

If you are on our website right now, we appreciate that you are likely someone who desires to grow your leadership and use your influence to have a positive impact in our world. Whether you:  

1. Lead in a business, organization   or family experiencing tremendous disruption due to the current global health crisis and want to lead well through it.  

2. Work with people of varying perspectives or backgrounds and want to know how to find common ground and understanding.  

3. Have people in your life experiencing anxiety and you want to be there for them.  

4. Believe you can come out of this season stronger than when you started. 


At the Global Leadership Network, we exist to support you in your leadership—especially during this season!  

If you are looking for some helpful leadership resources to support you in this season of uncertainty check out our recent full-length leadership talks from free events with faculty:  


Past GLS Faculty discuss how important leadership is during the 2020 paramedic.











  • Juliet Funt, Dr. Henry Cloud, Patrick Lencioni and Craig Groeschel on Trailblazing in Uncertainty  
  • Nona Jones on Social Leadership  
  • Chris Voss on Facing Fear in Uncertain Situations  
  • Craig Groeschel on Leading Through Crisis  


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